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Meanwhile, the rapper drops interesting catchphrases ("Ya'll get turned on by ma tongue technology") that one typically wouldn't find in a K-pop song. Rappers like Lil Jon, 2 Chainz, & Rick Ross are known for their catchphrases, but what would you never expect a rapper to say? From his breakout hit "Parents Just Don't Understand" with DJ Jazzy Jeff, this rapper went on to star in the sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Rapper Cardi B’s trademark application for her famous catchphrase was denied. Cardi seemingly intends to use the saying — spelled with two r’s — on apparel. These catchphrases are generated, or made, at random to create a catchphrase that is amusing and unique. Mar 22, 2019 Watch Mariah Parker AKA Linqua Franqa Explains Why Rappers Make the Democratic Candidates' Catchphrases From the Second Debate. . But I The Bodak Yellow” rapper and Jimmy Fallon went through some of her signature catchphrases like “Eeeeooowwww!” and “Okuuuuuuurt. hiphop) submitted 3 years ago by Gordyman Drake says "Yea" in every song, Future starts off each of his bars by saying "I just", Migos scream "fuck nigga!" This is a list of catchphrases found in British and American television and film, where a catchphrase is a short phrase or expression that has gained usage beyond its initial scope. It can be a signature phrase of a particular person or group. com • Created by LP Riel • Created by LP Riel Establishing a brand is crucial for a rapper to have a successful career, and coming up with a clever catch phrase can do a lot to help that cause. 7 Hip-hop Slang Phrases. Was one of many catchphrases from Ali G, the ironic thing is he wasn't black but he was a black rapper wannabe. Yes, it's a daunting task, but did the ancient Egyptians say, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't build these pyramids, they're a lot of work"? No, they didn't. jpg. These The Lil Wayne universe rules the world, as the rapper/wordsmith gets set to headline the KUBE Summer Jam July 20, 2008, at White River Amphitheatre in Auburn. Works in progress, "rapper-type" beats and beats for rappers posts are not allowed. Every day that you wake up is a perfect day to boss up. The kind of music he creates, in the waly he sings his raps, all make them the perfect rapper one can ever have. The Bronx rapper  Mar 22, 2019 Cardi B is in the process of making her catchphrase “Okurrr” legally hers by trademarking it. In year 2008, Giggs launched his debut studio album entitled Walk in da Park and later released a follow-up album entitled Let Em Ave It the next year ranking at number 35 on the famous Rapper Drake performing at the Nikon Theater in Long Island on Saturday June 16, 2012 in New York. Weather Clichés for Gardeners . The Bronx rapper has regularly used the sound in her  Mar 22, 2019 Patent and Trademark Office to trademark her catchphrase “Okurrr” to in the works, as the rapper is seeking to trademark her catchphrase. The Rap Board - Signature catchphrases from your favorite rappers The rapper, 26, submitted an application to the U. The 25-year-old rapper showed off her growing Cloud rap artists have been noted to employ "chant-like" vocal samples, as to create a "surreal" effect. ” ― bell hooks, We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity Punjabi rapper with attitude. mp3's of rapper's ad-libs?? Discussion in 'The Booth' started by rafreaky, Feb 8, 2013. Some scientists ran a whole bunch of popular movie catchphrases through a computer program. Mar 22, 2019 The catchphrase is frequently used by the rapper. 10. by Lake 11) on the strength of #majorkey catchphrases. I pooped my pants on duty (ha) driving Uber… in front of a famous rapper!!!! Stream Marc Haize http Watch 7:21 Watch Lizzo Make ‘Juice,’ a Pop Anthem as Irresistible as She Is How a flute-playing, twerking, social-media-dominating rapper and singer built a song that packs all her joy and Bursting on the scene with her quick quips and quirky catchphrases, it wasn’t long before mainstream media was trying to keep up with Cardi B’s music and larger than life personality. After the release of Wayne’s World in 1992, Wayne-isms wormed their way into the culture — and some of them have never left. The rapper says "get the strap" is one of his popular catchphrases. He had a UK number-one single in the year 2018, with fellow rapper Dave, named “Funky Friday”. R. ” that her fans love “That’s almost like a sad cat And “Old Town Road,” a casual hip-hop production shrink-wrapped in a pastiche of Western-themed catchphrases and sounds, forced some kind of reckoning — maybe lip service, maybe deeper Jay-Z, Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, Drake make Forbes’ list of highest paid rappers Chance the Rapper, Eminem, J. These are among some of the best hip hop artists to top the UK Charts and the underground hip hop world. (born March 16, 1959), known by his stage name Flavor Flav, is an American rapper, television star, hype man, and member of the politically conscious hip hop group Public Enemy. Here are 13 of Lil Jon is the worst rapper you've ever heard until you're the exact right amount of drunk at a big party, and then you feel like every song he's ever written was made just for you. In 2015, rappers weren't shy about singing their way to the top of the charts, thanks to Fetty Wap's sticky With the recent popularity of rapper Russ, we have put together a FREE Hip Hop sample pack for you to download. Place your vote on the list of Top 10 Best Hip Hop Artists. “I love you like a fat kid loves cake. 04 OCT HIDDEN CAMERA UBER PRANK 20 | AYYDUBS. While that may be out of the price range of most independent artists, at least they can experience the next best thing thanks to The Rap Board, a functional and stylish soundboard that promises to deliver “signature catchphrases from your favorite As Def Jam Recordings begins to tease a new Def Jam game, Game Rant looks at the biggest rap beefs and controversies to put together a star-studded character roster. The original picture reveals the young Southern rapper biting his lower lip while trying to listen to someone speaking in the audience. Chance The Rapper Boldly Swings For The Fences On His Eclectic Debut Album, ‘The Big Day’ The Definitive Guide To Understanding The Rock’s Many Catchphrases. Call to Action after Motivational Talk After a motivational training or coaching session you want to leave team on a high note. More information  Jul 12, 2018 From Rick Ross's grunt to Kanye's poop-scoop, a guide to rap's most and unplanned or take the form of an artist's long-running catchphrase. tech; The 6 Steps To A Perfect Catchphrase. Here are 20 of the best Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon highlight 'Cardi B Explains Her Famous Catchphrases' on NBC. We have also created a FREE Russ Hip Hop beat using these samples to hear what you can do with them. Jul 2, 2019 By now, everyone has heard Cardi's “Okurrr” catchphrase, that Office denied the “Please Me” rapper's request saying that the term was a  Jan 30, 2017 Migos have always been some of the most quotable rappers on the planet. John Cena talks about his long-lost rapper gimmick, and why he doesn't think WWE's raunchy "Attitude Era" would work well today. In November of 2018, Blueface was arrested after he opened fire on a man in retaliation for robbing him. The three weirdos from Atlanta blend grim street talk, Twitter memes  Apr 12, 2019 50 Cent Trademarks Teairra Mari's 'I Ain't Got It' Catchphrase. A fashion look from December 2015 Tyga Glasses Hip Hop Rap Poster See more Video game catch phrases can enhance the experience (usually, anyway). Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new achievement to add to his already impressive resume - a rapper. Cole, and Lil Uzi Vert also pulled in the big bucks Like words in a rap song which make no sense apart from the fact that they rhyme, there are many popular Singlish catchphrases that are the same. Multiple artists have accused Gonzalez of shaking down the owner of Club Lust. Biggie Smalls– BAYBA-BAAAYYBAY Lil-Jon– YEEEAH OOKAYY Tupac– THAT’s RIIGHT , WEST SIDE also the way he pronounce alot of words Young Jeezy– YEEAAAHHHHH MC Eiht–Yea (in one short breath) Flavor Flav– YEEEEAAAHH BOYEEE, Rappers Make Weird Noises Myth Dans. The 27-year-old Charlotte rapper possesses everything it takes to be a breakout artist in 2019: a quick wit, charismatic personality, meme-able catchphrases, entertaining music videos, headline Blank - about to flip out or go crazy Stu= studio. (yall add the rest) YOUNG JEEZY-YEAAAH, SNOWMAN B*TCH, CTE (yall add the rest) RICK ROSS-WHAT IT DOES,ROSS, TRIPLE C'S (yall add the rest) From all of my music enjoying friends, there is only one of them who seems to enjoy Lil Pump and his Funny Rapper Catchphrases (self. Slang Words Slang Directly from Music. One thing's for sure; there will never be another Rock on the mic. Patent and Trademark Office in February. [At first] it wasn’t at There have been "Best Catchphrases" lists here on Bleacher Report before, and there are plenty to choose from as favorites. The essential guide to Hip-Hop slang and terminology in the 90s. T. Word Origins - Ask About the Origins and Meaning of Words at the Word Wizard. The “Please Me” rapper originally filed the trademark application for “okurrr” back in March, according to a report published Tuesday by Page Six. gamerscoreblog "You're the voice of a generation!" Bredcrum is a Canadian rapper from Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Singer Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, is famous for her unique catchphrases, risque outfits and expressive lyrics. 100. Funny Rapper Catchphrases (self. David Dennis, Jr. The Rap Board is a fairly simple idea; a grid of signature catchphrases by popular rappers but the effect is fun and cool. com. We ranked Mac Miller's studio albums from worst to best. He connected with rapper Diego Villanueva, better known as Mr. For more precise results use top quotes filters below. Jun 1, 2017 Hip-hop one-liners demonstrate how rappers can capture our imagination with just a few syllables and make catchphrases that are repeated  Glow Little Glow-worm ( children's nursery rhyme ); Goosey Goosey Gander where shall I wander ( line from nursery rhyme ); Gunpowder treason and plot ( line  Nov 13, 2011 Warning: highly addictive especially the first Drake one. In 2015, just about every rapper has his or her own signature ad-lib: the trademark noise or word or phrase that they repeat on song after song. Comments? Suggestions? holler@therapboard. First added to the Shorter Some repurposed it so as to suggest that’s how Trump reacted to the news that the rapper was on Celebrity Apprentice, while others used Jon’s energetic catchphrases to sum up the confusion Lovebug Starski, Rapper And DJ Who Stood At The Vanguard Of Hip-Hop, Dead At 57 : The Record He helped give birth to the culture, and the catchphrase, that would become the most-consumed genre one One sure sign of having made it in the music business is scoring a prominent guest appearance from an A-list rapper on a single or album track. Welcome to our Lil Wayne Quotes page - your #1 source for the hottest quotes, punchlines and sayings from our favorite rapper! These quotes could be used for sharing as your status on Facebook or as a tweet on Twitter etc. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has filed to trademark her signature  Mar 6, 2018 The closest I've ever become to being a rapper is when I It might be one of the most well-known and well-used phrases in history, entering  Jul 1, 2019 NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Cardi B's trademark request for her famous “Okurrr ” catchphrase has reportedly been denied. According to Nico Amarca of Highsnobiety, the genre was initially defined by the use of "nonsensical catchphrases and Twitter baits", as to parody and embrace internet culture, from which it was created. I. Use Proper Title Format; Do not make up post tags. Thug, as a child, and The rapper explained her favorite catchphrases to Jimmy Fallon, and after running through several others she uses frequently — like " aeeeeow" — she explained the proper uses of okurr: "It This Site Might Help You. A punchline, in Rap, can be used to insult (dis) an opponent during a rap battle or beef, to accentuate a metaphor/simile, or just to tie together a set of lines. 1 (6Ix 9ine Chance, 21, Kanye, and more) | Hampton Cardi B is known for her catchphrases. The owner said Gonzalez asked for seats on a Every rapper has own unique signature catchphrase which makes beginning of rapping. Hip-hop one-liners demonstrate how rappers can capture our imagination with just a few syllables and make catchphrases that are repeated long after they’re first spoken. Some of those who lack of understanding K-Pop idol rappers or underestimate them often overlook idol rapper’s perfect rapping ability. “Playgrounds and canteens are denied catchphrases,” he writes in the Radio Times, fretting that Michael Allen Jones (born November 18, 1981) is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, and Jones initially became recognized for his catchphrase "Mike Jones, who?" (or, "who is Mike Jones?"), which he would usually repeat several times  Signature catchphrases from your favorite rappers. "The worst offense you can be guilty of is to use clichés in your writing. Chance The Rapper Boldly Swings For The Fences On His Eclectic Debut Album, ‘The Big Day’ “Only because we were making fun of the idea of stupid catchphrases. It was even featured in her Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi. Kid Cudi is extending his acting resumé with a role in 2020's "Bill & Ted Face the Music. Sometime around 2001, it became mandatory for rappers to have a signature catchphrase; it’s now a mainstay in the culture and a great marketing tool. The show has been pretty vital in some of the top comedians such as Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, Bill Hader, Tracy Morgan, Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen just to name a few. Jun 29, 2019 The rapper also tried to trademark her catchphrase “Okurr,” but her Cardi B applied for ownership over her catchphrase, “Okurr,” back in  Mar 22, 2019 Cardi B has responded to criticism over her plans to trademark her “Okurrr” catchphrase. Categories: Stars, Music This list guide features the Top 40 Most Influential British Hip Hop Rappers in the UK 2019. He has broken many records of his own. What they ended up with is a rough guide for burrowing into peoples' brains. The DJ Mustard production juxtaposes his typically hardened sound with the Each rapper gets assigned a tf-idf score for every word in the hip-hop corpus. Since making a name for himself as a hip-hop up-and-comer in the late 2000s, Mac Miller has remained dedicated to developing and evolving One half of the hip-hop duo Bonde da Stronda, he is a singer/songwriter, model, and body builder who gained fame via his YouTube channel where he posts new music, work out videos, and tips on how to stay healthy. He has not let the Top 40 radio stations have a moment to breathe since. We decided to compile 30 SNL Quotes and Signature Catchphrases to continue to celebrate the 40th anniversary year of SNL. RE: Best catch phrase in hip hop take that take that? i gotta go wit Diddy jus cuz its hella funny to here take that take that in random parts of a songs. Loading Unsubscribe from Myth Dans? If Rappers were in Classrooms Pt. Remember! Make sure you practice them before saying them in front of the team. The Kool-Aid Man and Lil Jon are an unexpected yet well-paired match for a catchy Christmas crossover, with both having similar catchphrases — the rapper's "Yeah" and the mascot's "Oh yeah. Flavor Flav's visual trademark is an oversized clock hanging from his neck. He became well known after uploading several independent viral music videos on YouTube beginning with "Making Love To Justin Bieber" in July 2012. 17. Artists are encouraged to share music they've completed and released themselves, but original music posting guidelines must be followed. Some are  Nov 27, 2018 Honestly, if there is any place to keep you motivated about saving and investing your money it's to listen to rap music and fellow rappers. Issa Album, particularly “FaceTime,” is proof that 21's artistry can extend beyond ad-libs and gruesome catchphrases. The Use of Clichés in the Modern English Curriculum and Pedagogy Get a laugh! Project Wet. RAPPERS CATCH PHRASES:lol: JAY-Z-GREY HOVA,YOUNG H O,YOUNG TURBO (yall add the rest) FABOLOUS-STREET FIIDDDAM, ITS LOSO IF U ANIT KNOW SO. It is also heard several times on  Aug 7, 2018 Hit reality show “The Rap of China” is back with a new Chinese name and eyeballs since another of Wu's trademark catchphrases went viral. Tags: ali, bad boys, i, robot, men in black, rapper, the fresh prince of bel-air, wild wild west. Here are 12 of Cardi's most iconic sayings and quotes, explained: The Rap Board / Hip Hop Catchphrase Soundboard. Due to the sizable nature of the page, and the fact that it will keep growing, please try to keep them in alphabetical order by games/game series on Tag: rapper. Jin Au-Yeung (Chinese name: 歐陽靖; born June 4, 1982), known as MC Jin, is an American rapper, songwriter and actor of Hakka descent who is the first Asian American solo rapper to be signed to a major record label in the United States. 00. Following 5 Catchphrases can make your team meetings memorable. We offer branding, web design, graphic design, and interiors. Rap Music And Hip Hop Culture Collection High-quality brand new poster Based on over votes, Eminem is currently number 1 out of 261 choices. 's new album, Cadillactica, which features guest spots from Wiz Khalifa, E-40, Lupe Fiasco, Devin the Dude, and Bun B, feels like the quintessence of While the Compton rapper has become a tabloid fixture due to his relationship with Kylie Jenner, Tyga generated even more controversy via not one but two racy clips for this X-­rated track from Billboard hip-hop editors Adelle Platon and Dan Rys' picks for 2015’s best rap songs. Yard - your house, as in I'm going yard The history of "bling" is pretty murky, but it was Cash Money Millionaires that brought the term to the forefront with "Bling Bling," its 1999 hit with rapper B. Knowing your favorite rapper’s every move seemed dope before you followed them on Twitter, and eventually deleted their entire catalog. Paul Wall Rap Quotes Street Sign. Sacha Baron Cohen is the actor behind Ali G and the TV show was called " Da Ali G Show " which went on to become a film called "Ali G in da house". These are not merely catchy sayings. Lamont Coleman. Signature catchphrases from your favorite rappers. Feb 5, 2010 In an attempt to stand-out from the crowd in the ever-expanding rap world, many rappers have adapted catchy phrases and ad-libs. It may originate as an advertising slogan and then 'catches on' as a popular saying to be used at every opportunity. It's all about continuing to put one foot in front of the next. your own list of rhyming words and phrases for what you're trying to rhyme with. The Mississippi rapper/producer Big K. Rap is not too good but his music sense is good. Ali G has Catchphrase comedy is a dying art, according to the former head of BBC comedy, Jon Plowman. Rapper Fredo, is an English rapper, from London, UK. For a given word, we count the number of times it occurs in one rapper’s catalogue (its term frequency) and divide by the number of artists that use it across the hip-hop corpus (its document frequency). The majority of quotes in hip hop nowadays are about money, girls and success, but there's still some great hip hop quotes spoken by famous rappers. US rapper Kid Cudi is to co-star in a third "Bill & Ted" movie, headlined by original leads Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters. Share with your friends. Lets take a look at rapper’s catch phrases. Whether it be the name of their label, their name or a simple "Yeaaahh!," these slogans stick in listeners' heads long after the song has stopped playing. 14 5 Rapper Giggs was contracted to XL Recordings in year 2009, making him a business model. " The comedy adventure franchise, about two high-schooler rockers who go on time I am answering about the Rap definition of punchlines. In a 2009 interview, Lochte explained the word "Jeah" is ripped from rapper Young Jeezy's oft-used expression, "Chea!" Lochte - a better swimmer than he is wordsmith - says he made it his own by zolto Poster Tyler, The Creator, Tyler Gregory Okonma, an American Rapper, Record Producer, and Music Video Director 12 x 18 inch Poster Catchphrases from your It’s the more polite way of saying “Let’s turn on this movie we have no intention of watching and then fool around on the couch. Giggs is recognized for his creative jousting as well as catchphrases. Since then he has played the leading role in countless blockbusters. William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. Catch Phrases. Cardi B explains her catchphrases to Jimmy Fallon while co-hosting but Cardi B’s co-hosting title was seemingly an official distinction from NBC that entailed the rapper sharing the Spotlight \ 3Pac: To Live and Die on 4chan The willfully offensive white rapper achieved Internet infamy by coining bizarre catchphrases and elaborate self-mythologizing. 50 Cent and Teairra Mari's feud is reaching new levels of petty. Canadian lawyer Rob Kittredge got to  Jan 2, 2014 Only hours after a likeness lawsuit brought against Rick Ross by drug dealer “ Freeway” Ricky Ross was settled in Ross's favor (the rapper, not  Jan 13, 2015 Here are 15 annoyingly overused phrases that come from songs you Fun rap songs with videos featuring guys decked out in gold chains and  1. In fighting games, Calling Your Attacks + Signature Attack = easy Catchphrase. “While the patriarchal boys in hip-hop crew may talk about keeping it real, there has been no musical culture with black men at the forefront of its creation that has been steeped in the politics of fantasy and denial as the more popular strands of hip-hop. Rappers say the darndest things. Best Quotes From The Fresh Prince of Bel Air You'd believe the boy if he said he was a famous rapper and his album had just gone platinum!" - Philip Banks. " The campaign is part of the beverage brand's efforts to reach younger consumers with a new "party anthem Things A Rapper Would Never Say. Quotations by Chance The Rapper, American Musician, Born April 16, 1993. Top 30 one-word TV catchphrases by ElMaruecan82 | created - 14 Nov 2014 Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appears as Ali G, a rapper-wannabe from Staines. Lil Wayne Quotes & Sayings. Word Play Quotations, clichés, and word play by CASunsetz. Browse our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous Rap quotes and Rap sayings. throwing in some of his famous Terminator catchphrases 'I'll be back' and 'hasta la vista, baby'. To Pitbull's Fans Around The World, 'Dale' Is A Way Of Life : Code Switch A word of encouragement or demand in Spanish meaning "go ahead" or "give it,"dale is the Cuban-American rapper's semi The rapper’s time in the streets caught up with him on more than one occasion. Lauren London Is Being Praised By Nipsey Hussle Fans For Her Courage As The Crips Attempt To Trademark One Of His Catchphrases — Read How They Think He Changed Her For The Better Cardi B Reveals How She Learned One of Her Catchphrases! Cardi B is all smiles as she arrives at MTV Studios on Tuesday (April 10) in New York City. After unleashing  Enjoy the best Chance The Rapper Quotes at BrainyQuote. Famous rapper quotes Showing top results. In many ways, WWE has come full circle as a company. Many in the hip-hop community consider the 90’s to be the golden era of music, it may also be the golden age of language. Harlem rapper Lamont Coleman (stage name Big L) released a song on  Scarface Rap Quotes Street Sign (Scott, Reed). Different from their estimation, you can tell K-Pop idol rappers rap very well It was announced earlier this week that Cardi B landed her first role as an actress in the New York stripper saga Hustlers, and now it seems she may have some more projects in the works, as the rapper is seeking to trademark her catchphrase. Tweet . Raneytown is a full-service branding and creative studio based in Miami and New York. Tips on rhyming and writng rhymes can be found in The Rapper's Handbook. i made this #rap #eminem #hiphop #rapgod #america #usa. (Photo by Donald Traill/Invision/AP) "YOLO" (You Only Live Once) has been dubbed the worst word of 2012, and yeah, we agree. Here is at look of some of the award-winning rapper's hottest moments. It’s hilarious to hear each catchphrase isolated as a single sound byte. S. Click on the image below for some fun times. Chance the Rapper Reveals the Cover, Title and Release Date of His Debut Album. Cole, and Lil Uzi Vert also pulled in the big bucks. Pitbull (real name: Armando Cristian Pérez)is, as you all know, an unfortunate looking rapper from Miami (thus the 305 nickname) who hit it big back in 2007 with his singles “Go Girl” and later with “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)”. I wonder what y'all gonna do about my reindeer song! Kool Moe Dee, “Santa's Rap,” from Beat Street, 1984. Benji - 100$ bill Funny Money - counterfeit money. G. Patent and  Jul 13, 2017 So we've seen some unique and amusing trademark disputes in the past, but this one beats them all. Sep 13, 2018 Chance the Rapper, Eminem, J. David Hester went to court after getting a cease-and-desist  Fresh rap lyrics about life, love, money and more. YO-YO HONEY SINGH is the best rapper (indian) one can hear to. every signature ad-lib from every rapper ever. In 2016 he published the single “They Ain’t 100” which gained recognition, including a small co-sign when Drake starred the track in his 30th birthday mix on OVO Sound Radio. Nov 15, 2011 The Rap Board, reason #200089 why it would suck to live in a world The Rap Board is a fairly simple idea; a grid of signature catchphrases  Dec 19, 2012 We're sure living life to the fullest these days, but the Canadian rapper isn't the only star whose lingo has infiltrated our vocabularies over the  Apr 10, 2018 The rapper explained her favorite catchphrases to Jimmy Fallon, and after running through several others she uses frequently — like  Cardi B's money moves may have been delayed just a bit: The rapper was denied the rights to her signature catchphrase, “Okurrr,” by the U. ” Speaking of: if you’re looking a classic way of courting someone, don’t miss these 23 Old-Fashioned Etiquette Rules That Still Apply. The Rap Board, reason #200,089 why it would suck to live in a world without the internet. Younger celebrity guests like Justin Timberlake added Latest quotes from interviews "Really, every day is the perfect day to boss up. JS_TheRapQuotes_Houston_Web. hiphop) submitted 3 years ago by Gordyman Drake says "Yea" in every song, Future starts off each of his bars by saying "I just", Migos scream "fuck nigga!" 'Dat Ass is an image macro series based on a still photograph of rapper Rich Boy that was taken during his studio visit to MTV’s Total Request Live in March 2007. Here are 8 Singlish rhymes that every true-blue Singaporeans must know. 1 of 11 Artists are more accessible today than they’ve ever been in our celeb-worshipping society. The rapper filed an application to trademark the  Jul 2, 2019 Rapper Cardi B's application to trademark her catchphrase “okurrr” has been turned down by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which said  Jun 25, 2012 'Storage Wars' Star and Rapper End Legal Battle Over 'YUUUP!' Catchphrase. Jan 3, 2018 So while DJ Khaled has been producing hits for over a decade, it wasn't until he started to morph his rap ad-lib into an online catchphrase that  Signature catchphrases from your favorite rappers. Her filing is Wayne-speak or Wayne-glish; call it what you will. More information. Mar 22, 2019 And thus Cardi B's ceaseless quest to make money moves continues. rapper catchphrases

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